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Urbivors Highlighted in Student Article for United Nations Aim2Flourish Showcase

Updated: Feb 4

Fellow UToledo students showcase Urbivors in their research project for the United Nations' Aim2Flourish project. An initiative that encourages college students to explore a local small business that is solving global problems beginning with making an impact in their immediate community. UToledo students Alaina Carson, Emili Aselage, and Jacqueline Shook describe Urbivors LLC as a local small business that accomplishes numerous U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Here is what they have to say:

" Urbivors is a locally-grown produce delivery service based out of Toledo, Ohio. While the preparations for organizing the start-up of the company began back in January 2019, Urbivors officially launched operations on July 10, 2019. The organization is currently composed of two employees, co-founders Jason Gonring and Jacob Beakas. Urbivors aims to “make locally-grown produce more accessible in urban food deserts so people who haven't had access to the fresh goodness of local food in the past can now get it delivered straight to their door.” To accomplish this mission, Jason and Jacob partner with local farmers from Ohio and Michigan to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the University of Toledo (UT) as well as surrounding neighborhoods. We were able to interview one of the co-founders of Urbivors, Jason Gonring. Jason is in his last semester at the University of Toledo majoring in Electrical Engineering. During his time at UT, he was involved in an organization called Building Ohio’s Sustainable Energy Future (BOSEF) which is where his passion for sustainability started, as well as where he met Jacob. He has been involved with the company since the beginning in January, but his interest in local food started long before Urbivors came to be. Jason and Jacob began brainstorming ideas for a business, specifically focusing on local food back in 2017. Since then, their desire to provide the University of Toledo and surrounding areas with fresh, local foods has grown into the creative sustainable business that is Urbivors..."

To read the rest of their article on how Urbivors accomplishes these goals, click the link to their piece titled "Students Delivering To Students".

Please take the time to read other student stories on small businesses around the world that solve global issues with innovative business and service ideas. To do this you can visit the AIM2Flourish website.

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